Truss Build

A truss is a structural element that is commonly used in construction and engineering to provide support and stability. Trusses are typically used in the construction of bridges, roofs, and other structures that need to span large distances without intermediate supports.

Trusses are made up of a series of interconnected triangles, which are known for their strength and stability. The members of a truss (the individual pieces that make up the truss) are usually made from steel, aluminum, or wood, and are connected at their ends by joints. The arrangement and size of the members are carefully calculated to provide the necessary support and stability for the structure.

Truss construction involves designing and fabricating the trusses, as well as installing them on the construction site. Trusses are often prefabricated offsite and then assembled on the site, using cranes or other heavy machinery to lift and position the trusses into place.

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